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BLOCKS ALL LIGHT: Built to completely block out all disturbing light, to help you fall asleep easier and engage in deep REM sleep quicker in any body position!
BONUS GEL INSERT: Hand-crafted gel insert for cool/warm therapy allows you to tap into your body's natural healing process, helping you to relieve up to 92% of daily stress without dangerous drugs or medications.
BEST NIGHT MASKS: Top rated to reduce anxiety, dry eyes and enables you to relax during a nap or spa treatment.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Imagine a fully adjustable soft comfortable nose cushion, which enables you to decide exactly how much light to block out based on your own personalized comfort level.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Backed by our 100% Lifetime No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, allowing your investment to be protected and your money guaranteed - No Matter What!


The Secret to Restful Sleep Finally Revealed!

Sleeping Mask By Simple Health Global finally provides peace & quiet for the sound sleep you've been searching for.

Whether you're stressed, suffering from Insomnia, have a "busy mind" or simply have trouble falling & staying asleep, our dream relaxing comfortable face blindfolds with cool / warming therapy is the number one choice of Doctors & Sleep Sufferers worldwide

Designed with rare triple-weave silk fabric and form fitting contoured material

Brings your tired mind much needed rest (Perfect accessories for traveling on any Airplane Flight)

Woven with adjustable elastic strap design for a more comfortable contour fit

Provides stress & migraine relief

Soft, Breathable Comfortable Material

Stop Dealing with Sleepless Nights & Low Energy Once & For All.

- Insomnia - "Busy Mind" - Stress - Headaches/Migraines

- Even Yoga, Child Use, Meditation, Side Sleeper, Luxury, Many more!

Simple to Use

Step 1: Cooling / Cold - Place Gel insert in fridge for 20 minutes; Warm / Heated - Boil for 10 minutes. (Mask can also be used without Gel insert)

Step 2: Roll reusable ear plugs in hand & place them in your ears for a perfect fit to block out 99% of all surrounding noise.

Step 3: Pull the elastic strap & place Mask on your face. Adjust strap & nose cushion as needed for the perfect contoured fit that blocks out the amount of light YOU decide.

As with all of our products, your Night Time Eye Mask, Gel insert, ear plugs & carry pouch is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and No Questions Asked Return Policy. Rest assured, there is absolutely no risk to you!

Order yours today & your new Black Out Sleep Mask with Insomnia and Stress Relief will immediately be shipped and on its way to you!