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Product Specifications Maximum receiving range: 150m Cable length: 4M Frequency: VHF174230MHz / UHF470-862Mhz Working gain (gain): 50dBi (with amplifier) / 25dBi (without amplifier) VSWR: <2.0
60-100 Miles receiving rangeBecause it is an advanced version, you can reach the maximum distance of 60-100 Miles depending on the region. It supports wideband TV broadcasting from low frequency VHF to high frequency UHF. Please note that wireless broadcasting is easily affected by the environment and terrain, so reception under all conditions cannot be guaranteed. Before purchasing, please check the suitability of the antenna in your area.
Free WatchYou can watch all TV programs, such as news, weather forecast, drama and baseball games, in full HD for free. Very comfortable to use.
Ultra-thin design-A thin antenna like paper will not interfere with daily life or cleaning work. The simple design makes the antenna perfectly match the interior decoration.
Simple operation Only 3 steps, installation-connection-channel search is very easy.