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LOOKING FOR A SAFER, NATURAL, NON-TOXIC ANSWER TO QUICKLY AND EASILY MAKE YOUR ACTIVE HOUSEHOLD HEALTHY AND CLEAN? This is another ultra-high-quality, small batch, craft cleaning product from Good Life Solutions that will become one of your most relied upon weapons in your cleaning arsenal. This is not harsh chemicals and eye watering fragrance but a safer all natural wipe that is 100% FRAGRANCE FREE with a subtle, fresh, clean, natural scent with the power to get the job done
HAD ENOUGH OF SMEARING AROUND CHEMICALS AND FRAGRANCES THAT LEAVE BEHIND AN INVISIBLE CHEMICAL RESIDUE? Unlike other standard household surface cleaning wipes, we use a safer combination of just 4 plant-based ingredients with no added fragrance to give you piece of mind that your not trading a normal mess for a toxic chemical mess.
HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR A VERSATILE SURFACE CLEANING WIPE YOU CAN USE IN EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE AND STASH AWAY THESE PERFECT SIZED CANISTERS IN YOUR OFFICE, VEHICLES, BOAT, RV, LUGGAGE AND MORE? THINK: All Around the kitchen, dining room, play room, automobile, boat, RV, office, nursery, pet crates, pack and play frames, baby cribs, infant and child car seats, high chairs, toys, yoga mats, athletic gear, diaper changing tables, diaper caddies, trash cans, recycle bins, and so much more.
DO YOU LIKE HAVING PERSONAL ACCESS TO THE BRAND YOU BUY PRODUCTS FROM? Good Life Solutions takes pride in our relentless customer service and as a family owned and operated company, we use all of our products in our active home with kids and pets first before we send them out to you. Enjoy our family atmosphere online and always know there is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
WANT TO MAKE AN IMMEDIATE AND POSITIVE IMPACT FOR THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF OUR PLANET? WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS YOU DO EXACTLY THAT! - Good Life Solutions is a business member of the "One Percent for the Planet" organization, and we donate 1% of our gross sales to Environmental NonProfits every year. 2018 and 2019 supported The Rocky Mountain Conservancy and ASANA land conservation and environmental education in Costa Rica. Welcome to the Good Life Family.