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HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULATION: Bathing pets too frequently will strip off the healthy protective oils on their coat, causing an over production of those oils. This will result the pets to have stronger smelling coat. On top of that, the use of soap or shampoo can be especially drying on the pet's skin and is more likely to wash off any topical flea treatments. Therefore, a quick solution to keep your pet clean and refresh is to use Woosh Pet Wipes.
NATURAL ANTI-BACTERIAL: Clean and deodorize, prevents potential cross-infection between pet and owner. Woosh Pet Wipes are hypoallergenic and contain non-toxic ingredients, making it safe and gentle enough for regular cleaning. The wipes are free from alcohol, soap and lanolin which reduce the likelihood of irritation.
ADDED PROTECTION AND CONDITIONING: Olive Leaf Extract is a versatile ingredient that acts as a natural antibacterial and moisturizing agent for topical usage. It is also used as an oral supplement for pets (usually in powder form) to help heal various infections (especially ears and skin). As Aloe Vera contains mild to moderate level of toxicity towards dogs and other pets upon ingestion, Olive Leaf Extract is a safer alternative.
ALCOHOL AND LANOLIN FREE: Lanolin is grease from animal fur, usually derived from sheep. Although it is moisturizing, it may cause allergen in both animals and human beings. Instead of using lanolin, Woosh Pet Wipes contain Glycerin and Vitamin E to maintain a healthy coat and paws for your pet.
TRAP DIRT EFFECTIVELY: Woosh Pet Wipes are made with textured, mesh type cloth for pet owners to clean their pets easily. These intersected cloths are strong and capable enough to trap unwanted dirt from your pet's coat effectively. Package is portable and fits also in small purses, pouch or large pockets.